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Thursday August 20, 2020

ATDChi - Personal Trust Network

It’s hard to make connections right now. COVID19 has become but one of many jarring elements in our daily lives. But we can’t wait. We need each other more than ever. It’s time to build your Personal Trust Network.

Our host, Matt Elwell of MattElwell.com, will be leading a free, 90-minute, highly interactive Zoom session. Unlike traditional networking, this event focuses on people getting to know each other as people, while still connecting around business needs. Participants will get the chance to share current experiences, talk about what’s working, and determine potential for future conversations with each other.

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Thoughts on the Current Discussions on Racism

Hayward Suggs

Hayward Suggs
President, ATDChi

“What can I do?”

I love that question. Over the past few weeks “my girl” and I have heard that question multiple times from our non-African American friends and colleagues who are deeply concerned about racism and want us to know Black Lives Matter. The question has come from successful people with high degrees of empathy. They understand to effect real change, it is not enough to see racism as a problem or feel the pain of others, they must do something.

Racism in all of its vile, trauma-inducing shapes and forms limits potential and promise at best and destroys livelihoods and lives at its worse. To penalize others based on race is ethically wrong, socially destructive, and morally reprehensible. Racism is also a crime.

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” - Albert Einstein

The significance of our racial divide has never been more apparent however, our opportunity to reconstruct the rip in our “social fabric” may never be greater. Talent developers, as usual, are in an optimal position to elevate thinking and influence change.


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