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Board of Directors

Executive Team

The ATDChi executive team consists of the members who are elected by the membership each year.  This includes the President, President-Elect, Past President and the Vice Presidents of Membership, Programming, Marketing, Communications and Finance.

The executive board votes to add directors necessary to conduct the business of the chapter. These directors are part of teams lead by the President and Vice Presidents.  

Membership Team

The Membership Team is responsible for member engagement and for growing and maintaining  ATDChi's membership.

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ATDChi has many opportunities for members to volunteer their services to the chapter and associated projects.  Please complete our online volunteer form to get started. We will contact you within a few days.

Programming Team

The Programming Team is responsible for providing member services and organizing and managing ATDChi events and education programs.

View the Event Calendar. We hope to see you at many of our upcoming events. 

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team is responsible for marketing ATDChi’s events, programs, news and other items of interest. They also nurture our online community through our social media accounts.

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Communication Team

The Communications Team is responsible for developing and nurturing organizational relationships with stakeholders outside of the organization including co-hosting the annual Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase. It also functions as a speakers’ bureau for speaking at universities and other local organizations.  

Additionally, the 
Communications Team also maintains ATDChi;s  Training Today, our online magazine.

Read Training Today.

Financial Team

The Finance Team, led by Demetrius Bonin, is responsible for maintaining the financial health of the organization.

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