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Katherine Palac  |  630-869-1951

CARA is a consulting firm focused on change management, learning, and communications solutions that enable the workforce of the future. Our unparalleled commitment to the success of our clients and consultants makes CARA solutions unique.

We make finding quality consultants easy.

TrainingPros is a woman-owned Learning and Development staffing agency proudly serving our clients across the US for more than 20 years. We believe that finding a great consultant should be easy. Our relationship managers work hard to find you the right consultant and save you time. The process is easy:

Schedule a consultation.  Select your consultant from the ones we hand select for you. Start your project with confidence.

When you have more projects than people, we can provide the right L&D consultants so you can start your project with confidence.

At CYPHER Learning, we believe learning is the heart of innovation and progress. To unleash human potential requires a modern learning platform that energizes everyone.

Everything we do empowers L&D pros, educators, and entrepreneurs to inspire, develop, and celebrate their learners. Our beautiful and intuitive platform engages learners, gives time back to teach and train, provides insights to drive better outcomes - all while keeping the human connection.

Just the way modern learners expect.


HR Hotseat

Erich Kurschat

HRHotSeat is an inclusive mastermind community of real HR pros solving real HR problems. Our goal is to establish a community of HR pros who are committed to helping one another grow, build, innovate, achieve, and serve.

Interested? Contact HRHotSeat founder Erich Kurschat to find out how you can get involved today!

Matt Elwell
‪(773) 357-7605‬

The PLAY Polarities™️ Model For Co-Human Excellence helps individuals see their entire Betterment Journey in one place. Whether you’re trying to improve yourself, your team, or your world, it all starts with one simple map.

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Phone: 872-228-7476  |   Email:
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