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Professional Development Networks (PDN)

Upcoming PDN Events

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Professional Development Networks (PDNs) are communities of practice based on a certain topic, specialization and/or geographic location. They provide additional opportunities for you to meet with peers who have an interest in similar topics. This allows you to explore a particular topic, share best practices and interact with individuals who share your passion.

Each PDN is run by a PDN leader or leaders who determine the location, time and programming for their PDN. These groups meet on a regular basis, often monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

Attendance for any particular PDN can range from 10-30 workplace learning and performance professionals. The formats vary depending on the focus of the particular PDN. Some formats involve discussion, while others might involve panel discussions or speakers.

Why Attend a PDN?

PDNs are typically specialized and, as such, typically draw a smaller, more intimate crowd than the chapter dinner meetings or workshops. This often gives you a chance to better connect with your peers on a specialized topic.

Who Can Attend a PDN?

PDNs are open to both members and non-members of ATDChi. Some PDNs charge a fee to cover the cost for food, speakers or meeting space. An additional fee may be charged to non-members.

What PDNs currently exist?

PDNs change throughout the year, based on member needs. For specific PDN details, check the ATDChi calendar or click on the individual PDNs to the left for more information

We are always looking for leaders, since leadership for the PDN's changes annually. If you are interested in becoming the Director of PDNs, leading or co-leading a current PDN, or if you have an idea for initiating a new PDN topic, contact us at


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