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The ATDChi Nominating Committee presents the following candidates for election to

The 2019 Executive Board of Directors

To view the responsibilities for each office see the Executive Committee Position Descriptions and The ATDChi Constitution


Eileen Terrell

Eileen Terrell was appointed to the previously vacant position of 2018 President-Elect by unanimous vote the ATDChi Board of Directors.  Eileen will serve as the 2019 President.


Hayward Suggs 

I desire to partner with the incoming President, Eileen Terrell, and the full board to expand the reach and presence of ATDChi. My plan is to align with Ms. Terrell and team, to strategically identify opportunities for potential growth, add velocity to the contributions and rewards of existing members, and work smartly and inclusively to add new members. This terrific organization is already experiencing massive success. My name is Hayward Suggs, and I am honored to have the opportunity to take it even further.

VP of Communications

Kristin Walker

I have over 10 years in the training and development profession helping people improve their operational and leadership skills. My experience includes retail, quick service restaurants and manufacturing. Being able to communicate effectively at all levels of the organization is something I take pride in. If elected to this position I would like to continue to help communicate our mission and vision to our members. Increasing membership is always one of our top priorities as a chapter so I would like to continue to leverage the collaboration between the communication and marketing teams to achieve this goal.

Ensuring our members have clear and concise chapter information is a top goal and I would like to help the communication team utilize various methods of technology to achieve this goal. I also would like to continue to grow our speaking presence at local universities to help promote the training and development profession as well as provide support to those embarking on their training and development career.

VP of Finance

Demetrius Bonin 

My goal for ATDChi is to create the best experience possible for members. As VP of Finance, I am looking to:

  • Get members the best value for their money.
  • Find the most cost effective ways to achieve board initiatives
  • Grow ATDChi.
  • Keep ATDChi financially healthy.
  • Plan for succession in the finance area.

For ATDChi, I’ve served as the VP Finance, the Director of Volunteer Engagement and as a mentor. My other volunteer experience includes President and Board Member for the Lyons Township Hockey Club, Field Layout Director and Board Member for the American Youth Soccer Organization, Treasurer for the Parental Instrumental Music Association, and Board Member for the Independent Feature Film Project.

I’m a highly experienced training manager with more than 20 years of experience in designing, developing, delivering, and managing innovative instructor led and eLearning training solutions for the medical, pharmaceutical, environmental, and insurance industries.

I like to help people reach their goals however I can, whether it’s through training or an organization like ATDChi.

VP of Membership

Adrianne Kelly

I graduated from the University of Iowa with a BBA in Management and Marketing. From there, I worked in a number of different positions in retail, sales, supply chain, finance, and now Talent Development for the last 4 years. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Organizational Leadership at Colorado State University--Global Campus.

I believe I would bring level of energy to the position as well as a thought process of fewer-bigger-better: The most value-added initiatives/events with the greatest level of impact.

VP of Programming

Cathy Hosek

I would like to make ATDChi even better than it already is by contributing as Vice Present – Programming. A graduate of the 2014 WLPI Institute, I gained so much valuable knowledge about aspects of the learning field I do work in, as well as those I have not yet experienced. My colleagues have had substantially better learning experiences as a direct result of what I learned at WLPI. Now is my time to return the favor by giving back.

What’s in it for you?

Having attended the past four ATD National TechKnowledge conferences, I experienced a number of excellent topics and speakers, and would like to work to represent some of those subjects and speakers if possible. You obviously have some great ideas of your own. I welcome the opportunity to meet you, learn of your suggestions and go out and track down your speakers and program ideas.

I am an enthusiastic, tenacious hard worker who loves finding a great solution to a challenge. I will do whatever it takes to deliver to you a worthwhile, educational, informational and fun line-up of programs.

What’s In It For Me?

As the one-person technology training team at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, I stand to benefit from interacting with all of you, hear about what you are doing, how you are doing it, what challenges you are facing, and what you are doing to overcome those challenges. You will get me out of my vacuum/silo, so I can see what the rest of you are doing to make the world a better-educated place!

VP of Marketing

Leslie Scarpace

An experienced learning and organizational development professional, I have worked in university, community college, and public school settings. Originally a Buffalo-area native, I moved to the Midwest as a teenager, and since have left the state and returned to Illinois more than once. I earned a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology and went on to earn another 30+ hours in the NIU Instructional Technology doctoral program.

Currently employed by NIU, I work for the Division of Information Technology, where I identify needs and then design learning opportunities for the 150+ staff, and for the Division of IT organization. I contribute to campus projects including Cybersecurity Awareness training for NIU staff. Recently, we released Cybersecurity Awareness Training to 2000+ staff, with plans to release to an additional 1500 in October.

As the VP for Marketing 2017-2018, I assisted in the efforts to increase the attendance rates substantially at ATDChi events. I also some success in increasing chapter membership. One of the strategies I have used successfully is to leverage the reach and connections of our Board members to spread the word about events and opportunities.

I highly value the knowledge and skills I have gained in the last year through my partnership with other Board members. I would be delighted to continue my work for an additional year on the ATDChi Board.


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