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Free Webinar: Developing Emotional Intelligence with Jonathan Fanning

  • August 07, 2015
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Developing Emotional Intelligence with Jonathan Fanning

Join the free webinar to learn more about Developing Emotional Intelligence

The Webinar will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) and learn simple strategies to increase your EQ.
  • Emotional contagion – how it works and how participants can use it to create a positive impact.
  • Increase self-awareness, the first key to developing a higher EQ.
  • Practical exercises, models, and tools for emotional mastery.
  • Become more confident and effective when interacting with colleagues, clients, and family.
  • Experience the impact of changing the questions you ask yourself, your team, and your customers.
  • Defuse tense situations, mediate conflicts.  Learn to keep emotions in check, even under pressure.
  • Gain revealing insights into why people act the way they do.
  • Handle irrational thinking and overcome negative emotions.
  • Simple and highly effective model for modifying non-conscious emotional habits.
  • Enhance motivation throughout your organization.
  • Create stronger resiliency to effectively manage stress, uncertainty and setbacks.

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Presenter Bio

Jonathan Fanning

Jonathan Fanning helps organizations and individuals reach their full potential and is the author of
Who are you BECOMING?  Through keynote speaking, training workshops, coaching, and consulting, Jonathan works to create excellence within companies, teams and organizations that are not willing to settle for “good enough.”

A traumatic car accident and several other “Frying Pan” moments in the middle of Fanning’s career as a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies triggered a quest for a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and significance.  “Who are you BECOMING?” and “Who are you helping others to BECOME?” became central to Jonathan’s life, businesses, and speaking. With over fifteen years experience coaching leaders, from Fortune 500 executives to sole proprietors, Jonathan has developed expertise in the principles, practices, and challenges of creating a worthwhile vision and becoming the leader capable of the worthy pursuit.

Fanning has built several successful businesses, including the largest franchise within a national children's fitness franchise and Entrepreneur Adventure, which helps young people experience business start-up and ownership.  Jonathan shares his message wih organizations around the world, inspiring with relevant stories, strategies, and practical application steps to help audience members challenge the status quo.

Jonathan’s EQ programs have been favorites of clients like NYU, the US Military, Mars Candy, and many other great organizations.

Jonathan lives in NY with his amazing wife, Dominika, and two angelic little girls, Ella and Maya.



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