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A-TeD Talks: Workplace Learning through Doing

  • September 20, 2022
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Virtual



ATDChi - Talent Education Development Talk

Sharing perspectives and experiences across our community is one of the hallmarks of ATDChi. In the last couple of years, the way we work and network has changed greatly. We have a large community of TD professionals and we've identified an opportunity to share the experiences from our consultant community. 

The ATDChi - Talent Education Development Talks occurring from 4-5 p.m. on Tuesday, September 20th, will feature three consultants from our community in three short, 15-minute talks. These talks will share their learnings from the field with emerging practices, tips, experiences, and peer learning case studies.

This quarter, the theme is "Workplace Learning Through Doing" and we are featuring three speakers:

Christine Render

Talk Title: Rotational Development Programs - A Win-Win for Employees & The Business

Description: Rotational development programs present an opportunity for talent development professionals to develop talent and partner directly with business leaders to add additional value to the business. The value of these programs goes beyond the important task of developing talent to support the business. ROI can be substantial when programs are managed strategically, in partnership with the business. Rotational development programs are a great way for talent development professionals to gain or maintain a "seat at the table" by contributing to company success in multiple ways!

Bio: Building on 20+ years of experience in human resources, Christine Render established ScaleUp Coaching & Consulting LLC to deliver talent management strategies that elevate people and business results. She brings a holistic view of talent development and retention to her clients, including macro strategies to optimize people’s work experience through talent development, engagement and workplace culture and micro strategies to coach individuals and empower people to own their work experience. 

Christine has experience working in for- and not-for-profit, Fortune 500 and local and global companies.  She has experience with leader transitions, acquisitions and divestitures, starting up and shutting down facilities and teams, cultural transformation, new product development and launch and function turnarounds. 

Christine enjoys creating custom solutions for her clients based on their unique journey.

Ed Duffy

Talk Title: Learning by Doing and the Importance of the Mistakes We Make Along the Way  

 Description: Engaging learners in scenario-based learning is effective because it aims to create a learning environment which mirrors the real-world environment which learners are already familiar with in their day-to-day jobs. Along the way learners will likely stumble and fail in big or small ways, and that failure will trigger learning. Subsequently, learners will be challenged to try and analyze and fix whatever it is that caused them to fail, just as they would do on the job.  

Bio: Ed is the Assistant Director of Design and Communications Strategy at NIIT. While he has served a wide array of global Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits over the years to drive learning performance and engagement - - he is passionate about creating good learning experiences that are memorable and meaningful for learners - - experiences that relevant, tell an engaging story, and equip learners to do their best work on the job.  

Scott Sharik

Talk Title: The Practice Field - A Safe Place and a Smart Place Where Growth Begins.

Description: In sports and the performing arts, those who excel, who make it to the top, do so because of an insatiable commitment to practice. Try it again, do it again, one more time... Practice that simulates real life situations makes all the difference - ask WNBA Coach Becky Hammon, Lifetime award winning Actress Viola Davis or Hall of fame Quarterback Tom Brady. In light of its importance, I thought it would be helpful to kick around a few ideas about the value of relational leadership skills practice. 

Bio: Scott Sharik is the owner of "Keep On Excelling, LLC," a company that provides professional coaching and training in the leadership and professional development arenas. Scott has worked alongside many remarkable leaders and peers during a 25-year span of HR leadership. He is well acquainted with the intricacies of organizational leadership, communications and working relationships. His bottom line - He loves people. He loves planning, strategizing and learning together. He believes in the remarkable potential of every person who, when supported, empowered and encouraged, can make the work world a remarkable place to be. "Keep On Excelling" is Scott's deeply held mantra. It means "continuous, sustained, strenuous effort," effort that fills today with value and tomorrow with hope. 

Register and join us on Tuesday, September 20th at 4-5 pm CDT. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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