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Jann Iaco

Jann Iaco, CPLP, is an e-learning and training specialist at Crate&Barrel Corporate Headquarters in Northbrook. A member since 2010, she sits on the ATDChi Board as director of CPLP.

How did you first learn about ATDChi?Well, I would say I tripped across it. I was a member of ATD, thanks to Crate and Barrel. One year I couldn’t go to ICE (International Conference and Exhibition), and so I was on the ATD website looking for something local and saw there was a Chicagoland Chapter. I went to a meeting, found out about a CPLP study group, and then also took the Workplace Learning & Performance Institute courses—which included a chapter membership.

What is our chapter doing right?
I just love that every month there is a program or a session that I can attend where I learn more about the field that I work in. To me, that is the biggest gift. That feeds me in a way that the National organization just can’t. This local programming is “live” and I can meet people.

In my work, I got moved into the e-learning field after years of classroom facilitating, like many of us did. I found likeminded people who had the same struggles and interests.

You serve on the ATDChi Board. You joined the Board very quickly as a member. Why do you continue to volunteer?
I get to serve with people who are respected in the field; I enjoy more contact with the local “rock stars” in the field. Also, I get to stretch. Volunteering lets me do things I don’t do normally. It is a challenge, it’s fun, and I get to do something new! 


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